Our History

The Hillside Seventh-day Adventist School has a long history of educating children for success in the current life and preparation for the Eternal Life to come.  Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and the prayers and financial sacrifice of the Hillside Seventh-day Adventist Church members, the school opened its doors in August of 1998.  The principal teacher at the time was Sandra M. Powell, and Cheryl Johnson was the teacher’s assistant.  Enrollment for the first two years was 22 and 24.

Unfortunately, the enemy of souls is constantly attacking Christian education. In 1990, the school closed its doors for several years, but God’s timing was perfect, and in the fall of 1999, the Hillside SDA School re-opened its doors. Since that time, Ilmajean Willis has been the head teacher. Sandra Powell re-joined the staff in 2000 and served as a teacher until 2010.  Other staff members and volunteers have included Dorothy Hogu, Mary Williams, Linda Sessoms, Rosalind Williams-Brown, and Elizabeth Faye Blair. The school is loved and strongly supported by many of the church members. Joseph Powell served as the chair of the school board for several years. Alumni from the school and several church members have rendered their service in various capacities over the years.

The Hillside SDA School is unique from other schools for several reasons. First, Jesus Christ is our primary Educator, and we strive to incorporate His teachings into every aspect of our curriculum. Second, the school has adopted a multiple-intelligence method of instruction. This method caters to the unique learning styles of each student to help them reach their full learning potential.

Jeremiah Brown was the first to graduate in June of 1990. Other alumni have experienced success in various professions, including physical therapy, information technology, banking, finance, counseling, Seventh-day Adventist ministry, and various positions in the medical field. Their success is fulfilling God’s promise in Matthew 6:33. “But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.”

Today, the Hillside SDA School continues its esteemed tradition of academic excellence and continues to prepare its students to be citizens